Oklahoma History Online

Oklahoma History Online is an online, subscription-based curriculum for teaching Oklahoma History, a required course for all students in Oklahoma.

Most schools teach OK History in 4th & 8th grade and again in high school, integrated into an American History class or as a separate Oklahoma History course. If you are home schooling, you can teach Oklahoma History when it works best for your family. I recommend teaching Oklahoma History as a separate, multi-level unit with all your children at one time, covering it once in elementary school and again in high school. You can choose to teach it as a six-week unit or as a course that lasts from six months to a year. Many families simply cover the basics and go on; others enjoy the course so much that they spends months or even a years on it. It's all up to you!

No textbooks needed to use the Oklahoma History Online curriculum.

All required resources are accessed from the Web site. The optional activities (Read/Write, Kinesthetic, Auditory and Visual learning style projects), however, do include the use of books, videos, craft supplies, and other resources (depending on the activity selected) which must be obtained by the purchaser. These resources are items that are currently available at your local library, on the Internet, or through local stores.

Because Oklahoma History Online is accessed online, it is continually being updated. All Web site links and recommended resources are being kept up-to-date to ensure their availability. Additional or improved activity suggestions and worksheets are being added as they are created, making this a resources that you will want to access throughout the time you are teaching Oklahoma history. Be sure to refresh your browser each time you open a new lesson.

Oklahoma History Online is very flexible.

It can be used as a short, 3-6 week unit, an 18-week semester, or a one-year course. It can be used with a single child or as a multi-level course for all your children in K-12. Each lesson includes a resource list for various grade levels from which you may choose the most appropriate for your child(ren). Much of the course is written for 4th - 12th grade; however, I recommend allowing your K-3rd grader to participate as he/she is able. There are many resources listed for these younger children, also.)

Oklahoma History Online contains all the information needed to fulfill requirements for public schools also. See pages 26-28 of Social Studies PASS (Priority Academic Student Skills) requirements for Oklahoma.

High School Credit information: If you use the course for 1 semester or 1/2 school year (covering as much as you can in that time) you would award 1 credit (or 1/2 unit) to your child's transcript. If you use the course for 2 semesters or one school year (covering as much as you can in that time), you would award 2 credits (or 1 unit) to your child's transcript.

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